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- Licensed Master Social Worker

A Bit About Sara

Stress comes at many times in our lives. Sometimes that stress can be so overwhelming we don't know where to go. Whether that's a teenager with the demands of adolescence, a young adult going through life adjustments or journey into parenthood and beyond.  I offer a safe, supportive, and empathetic environment for all individuals to process their concerns.  I will meet you where you are at and walk beside you on your journey.


I have worked with children and families for 11 years all experiencing significant stress-related life experiences. I graduated with my bachelors in social work in 2009 and with a  masters in social work in 2010.  I provide a compassionate non-judgmental space to work through whatever concerns are causing an issue in your life. I will hold space for whatever experiences you are needing to process and any struggles you are enduring. Through a personalized therapeutic experience, you'll find the strength and skills within to help you move forward with renewed purpose. 

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